Shakti Institute

The Institute

A place to share concepts, insights, wisdom, tools within the divine FEMININE universe ❤

Born from the desire to empower ourselves and all the amazing Women who crossed our paths for the past 20+ years working with self development and healing.

We, Paula & Liana, joined our abilities and decided to take AWAKENING SHAKTI RETREAT’ contents further & wider.


Liana Linhares

Liana has been studying and teaching Yoga & Meditation since 1999. She has started her studies and practice in Brazil, her motherland, and continues the studies in Australia with teachers from different parts of the world. Her classes are the result of two decades experiencing the deeper effects of Yoga and Meditation in her life. She has an authentic approach to Yoga, she brings the teachings of the Yoga tradition in her classes in a very accessible way. Her classes are an invitation for a deep inner journey so you can feel safe in your own body. She shares her teachings from her heart with honesty and love.Her intention is to awaken in all her students the energy and healing power we all have within! Liana has 1000+hours of Yoga Teaching Training

Paula Sarcinella

Holistic Healing ~ Paula’s mission is to Empower People and Transform lives through workshops, Healing Circles and individual sessions, she facilitates healing and transformational journeys that help people reconnecting with their Soul’s Truth. 


Triangle represents fire (agni), transformation, the Upside-down triangle used here represents divine feminine energy (shakti), movement from transcendent to material, grounding us.

● ☾

Moon phases ☽ represents the feminine archetypes, our rhythms, cycles, wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation.

Sun ☼ represents life, strength, divine masculine energy, will, being clear and confidence.

▴ ▸ ◊ ▾ ◂

❢ Womb ♀️represents the Great Mother, the sum of all possibilities, all potentials, fertility, abundance, creative energy, water, movement, adaptability.

○ Circle ◌ represents the notion of totality, wholeness, the Self, infinity, eternity, timelessness.

SHAKTI ~ शक्ति ~ ŚAKTI

“Energy, ability, strength, effort, power, capability", is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.
‘Shakti is the personification of the energy that is creative, sustaining, as well as destructive, sometimes referred to as auspicious source energy.’

“Shakti, the feminine aspect, is constantly creating and destroying forms. Externally, she acts through the elemental deities. She appears as the processes of nature and as the activities of your body and brain. In meditation, she manifests as our visionary experience, our inner intuition, as mantra, and as the guiding force behind the journey itself. Shiva is the witness of the great game. Shakti is the actress who plays all the parts. Our human consciousness contains both polarities: each one of us is both witness and player. But our lived experience is almost entirely an experience of Shakti.” @sallykemptonofficial